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Reason for Divorce? Obesity!

2007-08-16 15:56:43 by Vegeton

That's right. I heard on the radio this afternoon that a man was divorcing his wife of ten years whom which he has two children, because she gained 100lbs and become unattractive to him. When he met his wife, she was 125lbs and 5'3, and just as active as him. Into jogging, biking, and other fitness related things. But after their first child she became lazy and started to gain weight. The husband started to cook all the dinners making sure they were healthy, he even shelled out the cash to build her an in home gym which she never used no matter how much he encouraged her.

But she continued to put on the pounds, until she weight 250, and at 5'3 that's quite a bit of weight. He started to sleep on the couch because he couldn't stand sleeping with her, she had become repulsive to him. He felt bad and thought of staying with her like a roommate for the sake of his children, but couldn't put up with it. He had lost his wife to the many folds of fat which had consumed the sexy woman he had fallen in love with.

Does this make him shallow?

Personally, I can relate to his situation with past relationship experience. I loved a girl very much, but she had gained roughly 40lbs over the time I dated her and she had become kinda unattractive to me but I still loved her.


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