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Entry #5

Interview with the Tom Fulp

2007-09-30 17:27:57 by Vegeton

What did you want to be when you were little? (Obviously not the owner of a hugely popular website)
I always wanted to make video games. I used to draw level layouts and bosses and I would put together entire 20-30 page game design docs and send them to video game companies in the hopes they would make games from them. Nowadays I'm not nearly as good at documenting everything like that, though.

Are there any dirty Newgrounds office secrets? Anyone with weird quirks, aside from Stamper.
MindChamber is actually a person and not a robot, but other than that, no.

How goes production on Pico 2?
On the backburner until some day when I can actually work on it again. :(

Castle Crashers will be a Xbox arcade game, right? Any idea how many points it will cost?
No set price yet, but expect either $10 or $15.

What games are you looking forward to this coming holiday season?
Devil May Cry 4.

Are there any new flash artists that have caught your eye we should check out?
Depends on how you define new, I guess... There are some artists like LeafWorthy and Proxicide who aren't actually new, but I think they will make more and more of a name for themselves in the next year.

You're 29, right? The big three-oh coming around the corner, do you feel old? Or does Newgrounds keep you feeling young?
NG keeps me feeling pretty young. I'm also trying to stay in shape. :)

With the site expanding and changing over the years, and the addition of a fancy office, and the idea of a Newgrounds store as an actual store you can walk into. Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years I'll still be here in the office, but NG should be a lot more exciting and have some really great features. I'll probably have kids, too.

Does The Behemoth have any plans for further games after Castle Crashers? And if so, will it be sticking to traditional sleek 2-D stylings with the art of Dan Paladin or expand into the dangerous realm of 3D?
We have a lot of game ideas we tinker with and will most likely stick with 2D, although we do talk about ideas for 3D games on occasion.

Will you ever let the Newgrounds logo and name expand into other markets? e.g. energy drinks, snack bars, candy.
We've talked (joked?) about making Tank Beer - "Get Tanked!" - but that would only happen if we helped set up a brewpub here in Glenside some day.

Any advice for aspiring flash artists and internet pioneers looking to start their own e-empire?
Be patient! If you believe in your idea and stick with it (for years), it's like rolling a snowball. Unless the idea sucks.


What's your opinion on the "war" in Iraq?
I've never been a fan.

Who do you think will win the presidency?
If Ron Paul is the Republican nominee, I would consider voting for him (check out his site and his views on the war and the IRS). Otherwise, the democratic candidate will likely win.

When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last?
Nah, I eat them in order. I'm a very linear Smarties eater.

Thanks for your time Tom! :D

The Behemoth
Synj Industries, INC.


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2007-09-30 18:50:33

Cool, some of the questions and answers were pretty funny. Nice interview.


2007-09-30 22:25:45

Silly questions! XD

When I was little I wanted to write a Newspaper comic 'cause it can be crap & still be popular.

Now I wanna be a Graphic Artist =]


2007-09-30 22:53:23



2007-10-01 02:03:51

Nice interview! Tank beer ftw.


2007-10-01 04:19:13

if tom has kids, he'll probably use them to help him in his top secret quest of new grounds world domination, and then war would be like tankmen, bullies will be purple, all gingers will be evil, (not saying gingers arnt already) police will be replaced with robots like m-bot and tom fulp will be king of everything by everyone, anyway nice interview, a good source of information if you wish to learn more about tom before he kills you, your family and friends


2007-10-18 06:10:45

Tank Beer? Sounds good!


2009-08-15 19:52:01

I saw you on the bbs, oh my!


2010-06-21 09:12:22

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