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2007-07-24 17:08:25 by Vegeton

I remember when I had a failed blog for awhile, with lackluster fame. It was called 6 Pixels of Separation, where I had a few interviews with mild celebrities and commented on other dumb crap. Well I guess here's my opportunity to achieve another failed blog. So here's the old Tom Fulp interview, I'll see about getting a new interview with good ol' Tom soon.

Me: Is there a given title for your next console game yet, or is it still idle as "Ye Old Side-scroller"?
Tom: We still haven't announced the title, so it's just "Ye Old Side-scroller" until then. Some people want us to just keep that as the official name. Oh well...

Me: Does the Behemoth plan on making the jump to the next gen consoles?
Tom: If they'll let a 2D game on their consoles, we'll make one! At the least, we are looking at the download platforms and coming up with lots of ideas.

Me: Do you have any other flash projects in the works aside from Pico 2? If so, what?
Tom: I have a new celebrity boxing game in the works, it's like a return to my roots. It's ALMOST finished!

Me: Your website Newgrounds has made you some what of a internet icon, do you see any truth to that?
Tom: I've never considered myself much of a big-shot, but now that lots of sites are copying off of Newgrounds and trying to make their own claims of being the biggest and best, I'm trying to make more of a point to puff my chest out and take some credit for what we've created.

Me: Do you prefer classic 2-D over new gen 3-D?
Tom: I enjoy plenty of 3D games, but a lot of my favorites are still 2D. There are classic genres that will always be great in 2D. Games like Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun and Street Fighter.

Me: What is your honest opinion of internet "rival" eBaums World?
Tom: I don't really consider us rivals, we each do our own thing and different people prefer one or the other.

Me: Is there any plan for an Alien Hominid 2?
Tom: I would love to make Alien Hominid 2 some day. We were pretty burnt out on AH after making the original, but now that time has passed, I can totally see getting back into it at some point.

Me: Do you own any video game consoles yourself? If so, which?
Tom: I pretty much own them all. :)

Me: What is your top five games you've ever played?
Tom: I won't put them in order, but I'll say they are Gunstar Heroes, Ys Book 1&2, Radiant Silvergun, Katamari Damacy and any 2D Castlevania game.


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2007-07-24 17:26:19

Nice story

Vegeton responds:



2007-07-24 17:36:36

Awesome job interviewing mild celebrities! Keep it up and you'll have adedicated reader.

Vegeton responds:

I'll try to restart my interviewing.


2007-07-24 20:14:27

I enjoyed reading your old stuff, even if I wasn't particularly vocal about it at the time.

Vegeton responds:

Thanks liljim, your input really means a lot :)